5 mistakes that sabotage your health

The wish and “urgency” in achieve health can result in an opposite effect.

The best of intentions assumes that your diet and lifestyle choices will be enough to maintain long term health. But, it is important to understand that not all actions work the same way for everyone. You need to respect the individuality and understand that each body/mind reacts differently according to a particular constitution.

The excess of information, especially on the internet, is a dangerous trap to “anxious” people, who want to reach health faster.

Then avoid some common pitfalls that sabotage your health:

  • 1 – Irregular sleeping routine and less sleep than you need.

    Sleep is as important as eating, but this routine act has been left aside, since people prefer to take their time to the fullest. Sleep is the time for the body and mind to rest and get restored.  So, create a routine and time for bed. Keep a nice and dark room, avoid stimuli, unplug any electronic gadge and enjoy your sleep.

  • 2 – Take a dip in the “fashion” of healthy processed foods.

    In the rush of modern life, we know that it is not always possible to eat fresh food. However, be careful to believe in labels of breads and cereal bars that claim to be “wholesome”, Organic, etc, just to join the healthy wave. It is very important to create the habit of reading labels. The addition of chemical, sodium and sugar can surprise you. And the real final wholesome product is prepared with ingredients 100 % whole.

  • 3 – Drink plenty of fluids (especially cold) during meals.

    The habit of drinking during meals is common in the West , and is harmful and causes indigestion. The power of digestion is so important , what is called the ” second brain “. Therefore , one needs to keep Jatharagni ” digestive fire ” so that food and adequate follow their transit process. Ingesting any drink , even water, during meals will delete this “fire “. Avoid drinking liquids while eating then ( at most take a few sips of water at room temperature or herbal teas).

  • 4 – Suppression of Natural Urges (elimination by faeces and urine).

    It seems banal, but it is very important not to “hold” when you feel the urge to urinate or evacuate and even to sneeze. If you wait until a convenient break and postpone the evacuation, (the ideal is to go in the morning upon waking), it wil affect your day, overall health and mood. The body always tries to follow its natural cycle and needs cleaning and disposal of waste and toxins. If toxins are not eliminated it will be reabsorbed by the body, lowering your immune system, causing discomfort and numerous diseases. In case of constipation, increase your intake of fiber and water.

  • 5 – Sedentarism or excessive exercise.

    It is important to move the body, even a 30 minute walk. Regular exercises bring a significant change in health and assist in maintaining physical and mental balance. With the habit of exercise will also come pleasure and numerous benefits. On the other hand, you also need to find balance between the lack or excessive exercise. There is a fine line,  increasingly crossed by people who exaggerate and even become “addicted” to exercises. (the production of endorphin increases the sensation of pleasure and good mood). So, as everything in life, the balance is ideal.

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