7 Food Groups rich in Carbohydrates

A healthy diet, as everything in life, should be balanced, varied and include all groups in each main meal. By choosing the right proportion of the food groups, a diet provides all the essential nutrients to maintain your health. Eating should be a pleasurable and natural moment, but the “prohibitions” dictated by so many rules have generated more angst and guilt.

The “fads” that have flooded the diets are inconsistent and dangerous. People need to understand that each of us is a complex and unique universe and the needs and organic reactions are individual. This concept has been practiced for thousands of years by the Ayurveda Medicine and it has respected each biotype – Dosha, with appropriate nutrition information. The exclusion of certain foods is indicated in cases of allergies, intolerance or medical indication for specific diseases such as celiac, which excludes the consumption of gluten. Carbohydrates are essential nutrients and provide energy for the maintenance of the whole system.


-Whole flour- wheat *, rye*, oats *, rice, corn (breads, crackers, pasta)
-Pulses: Beans, chickpeas, lentils, peas
-Whole Grains: rice, quinoa, millet, barley*, Amaranth
-Fruit: Apple and Banana (little ripe or biomass of green banana)
-Tubers: Sweet Potato
-Dairy: Milk and yogurt
-Sweeteners: Brown Sugar and Honey

Note:  * Contains gluten that should not be consumed by individuals with celiac disease.

Even some doctors and nutritionists surrendered to call the carbohydrates as “villains”. But, it is important to know that including some small portions of carbohydrates is part of a correct and balanced diet. The bad reputation comes from its excessive consumption, which is stored as fat in the body. However, the best carbohydrates are the “complex” and whole food, which are slower to be digested and absorbed and promote satiety for longer time. The body uses more energy to digest these foods and it helps the process of diet reeducation too. Whole grains are rich in fiber and carbohydrates that help the intestinal tract and drinking more water will help this process.

These “miracle” diets that preach to abolish carbohydrates (low carb), gluten, lactose, or to increase proteins (high protein) and exaggerate with abuse of industrialized products as numerous “supplements” and Whey protein shakes, etc., promise rapid weightloss. But, the contradiction is that the planet has never been so obese, despite so many available books, products and diets; and these assaults to the body can result in some weight loss, but the dangers to the liver (excess protein) and other long term effects are far away of the Food Reeducation. For those who love animal protein… Did you know that fat from meat (either red or poultry) can make you fat more than a plate of whole grain pasta with tomato sauce? Learning about the balance of food and eating without fear is a process for life, accompanied by regular physical activity that respects your body and not enslave it.

To follow a balanced and healthy diet look for a serious professional, who respect your body as a whole system and adopt a healthy lifestyle.


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