In Ayurveda, we consider the “individual energy source.”

It is known that there isn´t two similar fingerprints or genetic codes. So, what makes us believe that a heart, liver or any other organ is the same or works equally for everyone? Therefore, food and any treatment or medication should be given as personalized treatment for each individual.

Ayurveda treats the patient individually, prioritizing and providing therapies, according to its natural characteristics. When they interact in different combinations, the five elements generate the 3 doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Vata – Energy in movement – Ether + Air


Body and Shape                                        

Shape – small
Skin – Dry and cold
Hair – Voluminous and dried
Eyes – Small and alive
Hands and Feet – Cold


Creativity, sharpness and enthusiasm


Pitta – Energy of digestion and metabolism – Fire + Water


Body and Shape                                          

Shape – Medium – muscle tone
Skin – Silky and warm
Hair – Silky with a tendency to
oiliness, baldness and graying
Eyes – Deep and penetrating


Sagacity, intelligence and leadership


Kapha – Energy of stability and lubrication – Water + Earth


Body and Shape                                            

Shape – Large well formed
Skin – Moisturized and soft
Hair – Sleek and bulky
Eyes – Large and attractive


Generosity, stability and patience