Breathe right and control anxiety and stress

We live in times of strong demands to meet targets and reach the top of our career. People are much more goal oriented. There is too much competition: we must have the perfect body, the perfect job, the perfect relationship, the perfect house and clothes and, to aggravate all the pressure, the cities are overpopulated with people and vehicles, and many other stimuli that generate stress and anxiety. People don’t appreciate nature and walk / drive in a hurry, being connected only to their gadgets – smartphones, tablets, etc, which also generate anxiety and new phobias.

What could be mild and pleasant has become a burden for many people; living became a “heavy” task to the ones, who can not cope with endless charges and surrender to negative emotions and body effects.

Breathing is a natural act and therefore is only noticeable if the air is lacking. Situations such as physical exertion can cause shortness of breath, but knowing how to manage the activity will solve the issue. However, in times of strong anxiety and stress, numerous symptoms such as rapid heartbeat are added to the lack of air.

But, know that learning how to breathe right is a very simple and natural way to avoid anxiety and stress. By controlling your breathing you send signals to “calm” the brain.

Pranayama – one of the disciplines of Yoga – (from Sanskrit – extension of the Pranalife force) acts through breathing exercises to move this vital force (Prana).

  1. Breathe deeply and hold the air for 4 seconds. Feel the air filling your chest and belly.
  2. Exhale slowly counting 4 seconds.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for a few minutes or until you feel calm and well.

Some people may feel a bit dizzy due to oxygenation of the brain, but the practice will only bring well-being. Gradually increase the count to 6, 8, 10 seconds. The more control you have of your breath, the more benefits you will reach.

This practice is very simple and can be taken daily. In moments of anxiety, while doing Pranayama you divert your attention and focus on breathing, and “forget” the problem by moving away from the situation, person or object that is causing stress.

Adopt this habit in your life and live much better!

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