Botanic Name: Elettaria Cardamomum   Sanskrit: Ela   Portuguese: Cardamomo


Native of South Indian forests it also can be found in Ceylon, Burma and China. This aromatic and warming spice is also widely used in the Middle East.

To Ayurveda it is considered a Tridosha spice (it balances the three Doshas), but it is important to check if Pitta Dosha is increased, as in this case it should be used in less quantity.

Cardamom has many qualities offered by the volatile oils present in the seeds. The smell and therapeutic proprieties make this spice a rich herb extensively used by Ayurveda cooking, massage oils, medicine and aromatherapy.

  • Some benefits:

• It warms and has a pungent taste
• It is very good for cooking to add an exotic taste to many savory and sweet dishes, coffee and beverages such as Masala Chai Latte
• Stimulant, expectorant and carminative
• It increases digestion and treats flatulence
• It relieves colics and symptoms of urinary disorders
• It is a mouth freshener and prevents bad breath
• Strong aphrodisiac
• Excellent for balancing Kapha (specially in the stomach and lungs), eliminating mucus
• It balances and warms Vata

Contra indications: Ulcers and excess of fire in the body (Pitta increased). Just use less.


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