Detox program

This therapy helps to clean toxins from your system and restores general balance. This simple and short Detox program is taken for one day and will promote lightness (you can loose some weight and water retention), mental clarity and wellness. You can feel some side effects and they are natural, such as headache and fatigue.

For the “One day detox” the soup is the only food you will eat during the whole day, along with warm water and detox tea. You can take as much as you want, but wait 3 to 4 hours to eat again. If you need to work or be out, you always can use a food thermos, but it can be easier to be done during the weekend.

This soup pacifies all three doshas and works by cleansing the toxins (Ama) from your whole system, especially liver and digestion (intestines). It helps to restore your digestive fire (Agni) and improves your vitality.

It is very important to relax and have calm activities, as you will Detox your mind and emotions too. Avoid excessive external stimulus such as TV, computers, smart phone and all electronic gadges. Give yourself a break and enjoy more nature. You can listen to soft music, meditate and make self massage.

Be careful after you finish this Detox, as you can´t just restart eating heavy food. Keep your meals light. You should not overload your system.

DON´T follow any Detox program if you are pregnant or breast feeding, kid, elderly, and if you have digestive and liver problems, diabetes or any other chronic disease. And always consult a professional to guide you if you do this for more than one day. This is simpler than the Ayurvedic Detox program, which is much longer and detailed – Panchakarma.

If you decide to make a deeper and longer Detox, then this soup will be part of your meals. It is very nutritious and naturally detoxifies your body.

-Take light breakfast (stewed apple or pear) and lunch with no meat, wheat or any heavy food.
-Drink lots of warm water and herbal tea during the day.
-the soup is ideal for dinner at maximum 8pm and you should not eat anything after this, to help your body to rest.


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