Detox Now: Your look is a reflection of your inner health

The cosmetic and perfume industry has received high investments and grown worldwide. It has never been such a demand for procedures and products for hair, nails and skin, which feed the cult of perfect appearance. It is good to be beautiful and young, however the way people deal with the matter, is wrong, since the deed is done only from outside. Crowds attend fairs, shops and beauty clinics, but they forget or do not know that spending fortunes on products is not the ideal way to reflect a beautiful and healthy looking.

Diet and lifestyle have a direct bearing on your hair loss or brittle and opaque appearance; weak nails and skin aging are also reflective of the wastes remain in the body and nutrients that are poorly digested and not absorbed in the intestine.

Having a youthful and beautiful appearance depends on the set of actions to clear toxins from the body and not just a pot of expensive cream or shampoo.

The “Mala” concept is essential to Ayurveda medicine for the health and appearance of the body and emotions. “Mala” is waste generated by physiological activities, which should be eliminated from the body. The main body excretions are the feces (Purish) – residues of the digestive system; urine (Mutra) – waste from the kidneys after filtering the blood and, sweat (Sweda) – fluid thermo regulator of skin. Their imbalance and not elimination generate diseases and affect the internal and external organs. Cosmetic creams are useless if there are toxins (Ama – undigested or poorly digested food). The main cause to generate Ama is the low digestive fire (Jatharagni); but, there are other factors that produce toxins in the body such as Mala (waste) and toxins produced by bacteria and viruses.

The waste is formed constantly and naturally as a result of the metabolic process, it absorbs the essence of the food. If this process is the result of bad habits and bad food, the waste generated form tissues filled of toxins (Ama). The elimination of these wastes should be natural and you need to avoid constipation, or not postpone the time to go to the toilet. Holding urine and feces is very harmful.


* Constipation or diarrhea

* Depression and irritability

* Lifeless and weak nails, hair and skin

* Bad breath

* Sticky cover on tongue

* Excessive sweating with strong odor

* Formation of gas and bloating

* Weight in the stomach after eating

*Weakness and fatigue

Ayurveda offers numerous options for detoxification and the most complete is Panchakarma – five deep detox therapies or, if not possible for you, it also suggests alternative therapies such as Purvakarma and daily routine (Dinacharya), which includes a proper diet and some simple actions.


* Include fresh fruits and vegetables, grains like lentils and whole grains.

* Avoid fried, heavy and industrialized food.

* Avoid eating meat and if you can’t avoit it, eat maximum twice a week.

* Do not drink or eat anything cold/iced during meals (it lowers the digestive fire).

* Drink about 35 ml of water per kilogram of body weight (this is the ideal calculation, not the “rule” of 2 liters a day. Some people retain fluid and each person is different). Also drink warm water to accelerate the Detox.

* Include spices when cooking. Its medicinal properties are excellent. Use ginger, turmeric, cumin, fenugreek and asafetida (found in natural shops and emporiums).

* Follow a routine schedule to sleep (try to go to bed before 10 pm to prevent hunger and mental agitation time of Pitta Dosha and waking before 6 or 7 am). Good sleep is essential for health.

* Create also a routine schedule for meals. Your digestion will be more balanced.

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