Dinacharya – Everyday Tips for well being

Wake up earlydon’t stay in bed longer than you need to get good sleep. Sleeping too much will increase the Dosha Kapha and the tendency to retain water and lethargy. Many people can have serious problems in future, when they need to sleep during the day. (if they work at night, for example).

• Keep bowels movements regular, as the cleansing of body is very important for a good health.

• Clean your mouth after waking up and include the tongue, which absorbs toxins of not digested food and spread it in the body. Use a tongue cleaner, but avoid the plastic ones.

• Drink warm or hot water early morning and in small sips during the day.

• Keep regular time for your meals allowing digestion to work naturally.

• Include the six flavors in your meals, but when necessary, use less of some flavors to balance any Dosha.

Take rest after meals, but just a nap; don’t sleep or it would stop the digestion process and increase heaviness and lethargy.

• Avoid eating meat as it is heavy to digest. If you can´t live without meat, choose lean type and eat few times a week.

• Chewing fennel and cardamom seeds after meals increases saliva secretions and stimulates the digestion, besides it leaves a fresh sensation in your mouth.

• Any kind of exercise is very good for health. Even walking in the neighborhood.

• Have some leisure after work or studies. It is important to relax our mind.

• Sleep at regular time and try to do it early, maximum at 11:30 pm.

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