Get out of your “comfort zone” and be happier

It is easy to stay in the “comfort” of the daily habits and keep what we have already achieved in life. It can be a job, school, relationship or friendship; even the bad ones.

We are afraid of the unknown, judgments, losses (material or emotional) and changes, even if it would make us happier. Life and society conspire to follow rules and accept what is imposed, whether there are other better ways to choose.

You become what you believe to be and your life too. If you are convinced that you can not or you are unable to do certain things and that it is better to keep what you have, even if you are dissatisfied, then your life will surely never change.

The fear of judgment and even of being rejected will pressure to avoid any change and to maintain this “comfort nest” in which we live as the only right option.

Think about how often you wanted to “kick the bucket” and drop a career / job, a sad or abusive relationship, or move to a new address, lifestyle and hundreds of other changes. But, the fear of the new, or making mistakes and “Dare”, makes you get stuck to the comfort of sameness.

But, evolving, learning and growing in any aspect of life, only really happens when you leave that comfort zone. We need to see this situation as a “prison” to be left and not as a soft and warm pillow to wrap and protect us from the world’s evils.

To reach new dreams and goals one must be able to withstand what we fear. When you act, you take control of your life. It’s a challenge, but it will open opportunities to be happier. Of course it is not necessary to do crazy and risky things, but with planning and focus you can make changes and improve your life.

When you are safe and confident you feel more courage to dare and venture to change.

Then, see simple first steps that will open paths for challenges and greatest achievements.


1. Change your daily routine. Try a new way to go to work, school, and gym, or visiting family and friends. Know new possibilities and streets and observe the details and new places that you had never seen.

2. Play with the furniture or objects in your home or on office desk. Redecorate all. In this “New” decoration, enjoy and detach from various objects, donate what you don’t use, stop the rubbish, and simplify your life. It is extremely life-saver.

3. Try to do things that frighten you. To overcome phobias we must face them. Are you afraid of public speaking? Try to expose opinions to a small group of 10 people at a party or at work; or are you afraid of heights? Go to the top floor of a building, approach the wall balcony, and slowly look down for a while. Then, increase the time.

4. Try clothes of any color you always admired, but feared it would not look good on you. Try also different styles that you think will not fit well. You may be surprised and like the result.

5. If you always depend on a company to go to the cinema / theater / show or travel and stay at home if no one can meet you, try this adventure: go alone and discover how liberating it can be. It does not mean you will always be alone, but only gives you the assurance that you can have fun in any situation.

6. Start College, a hobby, make a trip or an activity you’ve always wanted, but were afraid of trying; or decided that you were too old / with low energy / short time, or any other “excuse” you used to not try. What about that course of your dreams? Gastronomy, languages, painting / photography, dancing, singing, yoga, computers, etc, etc…

There are no limits to dare and leave the “little comfortable and protected from failures world”. Are you afraid of making mistakes? But, that’s the fascinating magic of life.

We can win or lose, but if we don’t try it, how can we know?

Try it now and be much happier.

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