Ghee – The golden oil of butter

Ghee is considered a holy oil to Ayurveda Medicine. It is the purified oil of butter, by product of slow cooking to remove all impurities, water and lactose from milk. The result is a pure golden oil with unparalleled flavor and aroma.

Its wide use within the Indian culture extends to cooking, herbal Ayurvedic medicine, cosmetics and as an important item in ritualistic Hindu ceremonies, to light lamps. There are several names for the Ghee, as purified butter oil, clarified butter, basic emollient and uslighee.

To Ayurveda, cooking with Ghee is the best option for the maintenance and restoration of health. Once you try it, you can not compare to other oils or butter.

This product is an excellent detoxifying, it increases immunity and provides the balance of the three “Doshas” (Pitta, Vata and Kapha). Only people with predominantly Kapha (water / earth), should eat in smaller quantities, as it is a fat. It can also be used as a divine massage oil and in the preparation of therapeutic masks in natural cosmetics.

In cooking, the Ghee is an excellent element to stimulate and balance the appetite as it lights Agni (digestive fire) and enhances the flavor of food. It is low in cholesterol and is easily digested. Can be used for cooking or as salad oil or to spread on bread.

The clarified butter often used by chefs is one of the Ghee´s previous stages, but the preparation does not follow the same criteria for slow cooking and not boiling the product. Even in India, not all people follow the Ayurveda nutrition or follow a healthy diet to prepare Ghee and they let the butter boil, compromising the therapeutic qualities of the final product.

For culinary purposes they have even the industrialized Ghee by Nestle and other brands. Its use is much healthier option even being industrialized, but the ideal is to use natural and homemade Ghee, made according to Ayurveda and with no preservatives.

It doesn´t need refrigeration, but during the summer, if you want a firmer consistency, to spread on bread or toast, store in the refrigerator and its consistency and color will change. Once stored in refrigerator should always keep the same temperature. Always use a clean and dry spoon or spatula to get the product.

  • Some Benefits

• Develops the immune system (Ojas) and virility.

• Healthy alternative to replace butter.

• It is free from lactose.

• Nourishes and moisturizes the skin and the internal and external tissues.

• When applied in drops in the nostrils, promotes relaxation
and balanced sleep, and alleviates symptoms of allergic rhinitis and sinusitis.

• Develops memory, intelligence and mental clarity.

• Eliminates viruses and bacteria in the environment, when used to light lamps.

There are many reasons to consider the Ghee a Sacred oil.

Try and discover this delight and its benefits!


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