The ‘gluten-free’ dangerous “hype”

Suddenly everyone has gluten or lactose intolerance, etc, etc. Have you noticed this new collective “folly”?

Just people with Celiac disease need to abolish gluten. This is an autoimmune disease in people who can not digest the gluten in the small intestine, which causes poor absorption of nutrients and vitamins and severe diarrhea that causes fatigue, other gastrointestinal symptoms and anemia; it may even lead them to lactose intolerance as well. In others, it is not necessary to completely abolish the gluten, as they can reduce consumption in some meals only.

But, unfortunately, another hype “diet” has spread across the planet and people joined it massively, not questioning or understanding whether it is really necessary to be so radical and especially without knowing what the consequences and side effects. 


Everything that escapes the natural balance will certainly bring negative consequences at some point.

There is, of course, an important observation in favor of REDUCING and balancing the consumption of gluten. Really, people eat a lot of bread, biscuits, pasta and anything made ​​from white flour and therefore should rather vary their diet with more vegetables, fresh fruits and so avoiding white flour. And, when you consume it, the ideal should be wholegrain, as it is a complex carbohydrate more beneficial to the body.

The paradox is that “nutrition” has never been so discussed, but at the same time, there have never been so many exaggerations and misconceptions. In search for the perfect and healthy body (being healthy is the plus point), many people no longer use common sense and follow drastic dietary programs, without the slightest balance, which in the long term, certainly causes serious damage to health.

  • Everything in excess or absence causes some imbalance and it is not complicated to follow a complete and varied food program, where ALL the nutrients are balanced.

But, abolishing the gluten from the diet became fashionable.

Therefore, and as always should be, how about using common sense and choose a balanced and varied diet, where all groups are included, in optimal amounts to achieve and maintain your health and body in balance?

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