Harmony and Happiness

Have you ever wondered if we could exist as separate parts? What is a body without mind or soul (or whatever you want to call this subtle energy)? If there isn’t this connection, we will not exist in this life.

I read once that we are a spiritual life living through a physical experience.
This is a beautiful view of our existence. But, this issue would lead us to a profound discussion and, at the moment, I want to talk about another treasure within us.

The constant search for happiness and harmony in our lives, and the illusion (Maya) that it is outside of us, has caused a lot of frustration. The body is usually perceived as the most important, but if we observed the influences of mind and emotions on the body and health, we would understand how we can avoid imbalances and diseases.

The best way to treat a physical imbalance is to observe emotions. This feature is an excellent complement to therapies and medicine. Have you ever felt stomachache, bitterness or acidity in the mouth after an argument? Or felt diarrhea, sweating hands and feet before a presentation for an important job? And pain in the knees, ankles or feet when you did not know, which way to go in your life? There are hundreds of situations that show how the emotions act on our body.

To choose happiness and act with optimism, are the food and balance to the soul!

It is common to put attention on feeding the body… but why not feed the emotions? Soul food is simple and it is where everything is perfect: within us. If we seek happiness only in material goods or accomplishments, which satisfy the ego, as intellectuals or purchasing power disputes, then we will cease to live the fullness of real harmony of body-mind-spirit. So, we must find the complete balance.

In Ayurveda, the mind (or consciousness) and the body exercise reciprocal influence and work together to overcome a disorder. The effects of emotions on the body have been widely documented in ancient Ayurveda books. This concept is a more recent focus in our society and we can not deny the importance of Psychosomatic Medicine.

The approach of Ayurveda Medicine is the prevention of disease through resources that help patients to realize the potential of self-healing.
Ayurveda says there is no physical health without mental health and vice versa; a concept later repeated in Latin “mens sana in corpore sano” (A healthy mind in a healthy body), and the lifestyle must be in harmony in order to enjoy the complete well-being. Everything we do affects our lives and health.

A positive attitude, to keep mind and body active, by finding time for leisure and activities that bring pleasure; Those are just a few options to create harmony and joy in the mind and soul. These feelings reflect a healthy body and preserve the overall balance in our lives.

Then, relax and enjoy life with joy and balance, to find this treasure within

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