Invitation for life

We all have the natural condition for health. But, we must understand what we do and who we are.  Ayurveda considers us as result from the combination of five elements of nature, Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth, “Pancha Maha Buthas”. So, consider that each or all of them are unbalanced and what may occur.

If the soil has an extra salinity, the result is infertility. If the water is full of contamination and stagnation, it will be useless. You can not drink it, irrigate fields and may not even feel its odor for long time.

Water must be pure to be useful and so must be the other elements. Impurity increases impurity and this law applies to everything, including us. To be healthy, we must be pure – in lifestyle, thoughts, words and actions. People with pure qualities reflect the same up in their mind.

Ayurveda invites you to a purer, healthier and happier life. This is a simple overview to prevent diseases and reach healthy longevity, through this ancient science. One of its key reflects the life cycle, which restores and provides balance: it is possible to find ways to the body to properly circulate nutrients, which will eliminate toxins and excretions.

To enjoy healthy and positive vibes live as close as possible in purity of mind and body. Work your inner energies through positive thoughts, power in line with your constitution Dosha energy, by practicing relaxation, meditation or a hobby that brings you quiet time and also share loving feelings with people. Be sure to live well and live happy moments.

This is an invitation for life in contact with nature.
Meet this person on the mirror, say hello and invite yourself.

Live life fully!

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