Minimalism as Life Style

This concept addresses the use of simpler elements to create forms of art and design, which cause great impact. But, we can go beyond the original expression and apply this to lifestyle. Imagine if the concept of “minimalism” could be applied to the way you manage and live your life.

The incentive of consumption has increased exponentially and we are exposed to countless “temptations”, which offer “indispensable” products and services. It gives us the feeling that it is impossible to live without the newest smartphone, tablet, shoes, car, perfume, sofa and a myriad of objects, which will quickly become waste. There are tons of things that you don’t need or use, but publicity, marketing, fashion, technology and the urge of being up-to-date seduce and almost force you to buy the “must have” in order to add it to your life. The illusion of “owning” underscores the simple fulfillment of “being”.

And many people go further and don´t even realize the wasted time, distractions and problems that this excess of “things” and information bring to their lives. The need of “buying and holding” is an extremely present expression nowadays. The desire to fill the void or deny the most serious problems has led mostly capitalist countries to confuse happiness and fulfillment with the concept of “having” to reach happiness.

The stimuli to consume are so powerful, that many Marketing tools and, recently, digital campaigns are created to attract more and more buyers. No wonder that campaigns such as “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”, offering super discounts have immediate and massive adhesion. It is possible to add “new” acquisitions, including the apps for our Gadgets. Then, our society is made of physical and digital Accumulators!

Noting this undeniable reality, there is a parallel with Minimalism and the pursuit of simplicity to a more “lightweight” life. If you compare both behaviors and try to find “minimalist” people, you will see their lives are simpler and how they have clean decoration in their houses, which are more pleasant as it is easier to organize less objects. Your “wallet” also thanks, when you stop being compulsive.

So, try a “homework” and start cleaning and organizing your life, practice the letting go by keeping only what is really necessary or recycle what is possible. You can donate what you haven’t used for a year to who really need it and throw away what is useless and broken. Then, organize and clean also your car, computer, mobile, table and all toys. We don’t need new things all the time. And don’t forget also to clean and organize your emotions. Don´t keep useless and bad feelings and memories.

Know that your life can be minimalist and you can find a lighter way to reach fullness. Less is more. Try it!

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