Natural Living – Love for you and for the planet

Many studies show an alarming warming global effect and other damages to the environment.  Our lovely planet needs help!

While the disrespect for the abundance and life on earth follows on and on, the consequences in our lives, specially for the next generations, will be very damaging.

Nature is so generous. It offers life as a gift and we should give back our concern. It is not difficult if we observe our actions and become conscious of our life style and how it can affect our planet.

We are too busy, but people who haven’t realized that life could be much better, can try simple actions and start a small organic plantation in the backyard or just have some vases with herbs at their balcony, for instance.

Harvesting fresh herb and using it as food or medicine is one simple option for the natural living. We all have power for self-healing, but to be able to use this benefit, we need to live in harmony with nature; we need to practice the control over what we do, how we use the resources and most of all, we need to know where we want to go.

It is not necessary total self-denial or confinement, like some people do. Actually, it is about everyday life and how you feel, live and interact with the world. It starts, for instance, when you go to a supermarket and read all labels to find healthier products without chemicals, which damage nature and your body. You can also avoid products, which “clean” your house, but kill lives around. What about throwing the trash in the trash can? Do you throw trash on the floor of your living room? Citizenship is priority.
There are numerous actions to protect the planet and life. Pay attention to your habits, how you use water and other resources.

This is a love act. Choose conscious natural life, think about it and be healthy!

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