New Year’s or lifelong resolutions?

2015, 2016, 2017 …. until the end…

Here we go again!

A new year is coming. It is common sense that many people, (those who follow the Gregorian/ Western calendar) feel the need for change or the desire to make things in a better way.

Maybe the holiday season, the Spirit of Christmas and all the New Year’s Eve celebrations inspire us to think of targets, to be better and also to create the famous “New Year’s resolutions list.” But, have you ever paid attention to this “list”? For how many years more will you keep the promise to yourself and others that you will do this, that or not do something?

Why do people decide to think better and more deeply about their lives and behavior in December / January? Why do people think about their mistakes or a way of doing better and different things this time of year? New goals, dreams, projects come to mind and a desire to do things “right” this time.

But, I believe the “date” to start (or restart) these projects could be any day. Why, instead of a “list of New Year’s wishes,” not make a “List for life”? It would be the “Bucket List”, which comes from a slang: it is a list of things that a person wants to do before you “kick the bucket”. It is the list of things you want to do before you die. Then, start now! Whether December is almost gone. Your life is happening now! The New Year, day or second is happening now!

Think about all the things you like to do. Do not worry if it sounds strange or impossible. This exercise is perfect for creating positive goals and makes you dream and act to perform them.

Clean and organize your home / office / computer / tablet and all material confusion you are experiencing. If you don´t use something for 365 days … hum … why to keep it? Yet it is something material or virtual. Doesn´t matter if it is a file or those shoes from 3 years ago!

So … go further and clean the drawers of your mind and soul. Let bad feelings and memories in the past. They are useless and block your happiness. Feel the lightness of being free and allow yourself to create your amazing Bucket List. It is a long-term ”Wish list” and you will be amazed at your dreams and what you can accomplish.

So, I have a challenge for you: after reading this text, create your wish list for life. Do you want to change your career? Do you want to climb the Himalayas? Do you want to surf in Hawaii? Do you want to meet your idol? Don´t worry if the list sounds very pretentious. What matters is the list and exercise.

You can also create a simple list of 365 days with small daily goals. It is very interesting and positive. Try to be happy always. Do not postpone life.

The New Year is now and every day. Do not expect December to dream and turn your wishes into reality.

Happy today, happy life, happy now… until the last day!

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