Healthy eating is one of the main concerns we have faced.

In times of junk food and global obesity, there is some light in the end of the tunnel. But, the anxiety of doing it right may cause some confusion and mistakes. It is said that we are what we eat. So, it is a personal choice what we eat or should avoid and also what kind of diet we want to follow and why.

People choose diets for many reasons. Maybe because it is fashionable or by medical prescription or for taste, weight-loss, food intolerance, to detox or religion and ethics, and we are not here to judge any choice. It is up to you what you want to hold as lifestyle.

To follow a healthy diet requires awareness, dedication and guidance for nutritional education. Even vegetarians can follow an unbalanced and wrong diet with processed and junk food (french fries are vegetarian, right?). Some people may even say that organic food is expensive, but it is the law of supply and demand. If just a few people buy organic products, it is not possible to invest in more to increase the production and make it cheaper. It’s the wheel: “I do not buy organic because it is expensive… and it is expensive because I do not buy it. “The natural and organic approach leads to balance.

One common misunderstanding is: “ah… it is whole food or sugar free or light or diet food, so I can eat a lot of it”. Wrong!

Kaviraj Wellness wants to inspire you to reach balance and make your life better by sharing some information.