Herbs and Food


Much more than flavors

Since ancient times herbs and spices have been used to enhance and enrich the flavor of food. Besides the pleasure of taste their health and beauty benefits were also known and applied for thousands of years. Sages from various cultures have obtained excellent results in preventing chronic diseases. The benefits can be obtained from the roots, stems, seeds, leaves and fruits. Studies show that certain herbs and spices offer high health benefits and some spices treat inflammation and other ailments.

However, in the name of convenience and busy life, many people no longer use these natural flavors and forget that ready seasoning and prepared foods are full of chemicals, sodium and bad fat, which cause numerous health problems. The return to simplicity and freshness of food is an important step in achieving healthy longevity. One of the pillars of Ayurveda.

This is my invitation to a natural diet.


  Ginger               Turmeric      Cardamom
Ginger       Turmeric      


   Carob         Banana        Almond   Carbohydrates   Ghee        Agar-Agar

Carob   Banana Almond      ico-high-carb   Ghee   agar-agar

Oat Bran           Chia

oat bran   Chia