Botanic Name: Curcuma Longa   Sanskrit: Haridra, Gauri   English: Turmeric
Portuguese: Curcuma, Açafrão da Terra, 





Original from South Asia it has been used for thousands years. Ayurveda already knew its healing proprieties even before science extracted the Curcumim (natural antibiotic) of it.

There are many recipes in India to treat countless diseases, including Alzheimer, which Turmeric is the base.

A team of scientists of the University of California, in Los Angeles, USA, believes that this spice cut in 50% the number of amiloids plaques (they get fixed around the brain cells and cause Alzheimer disease).


  • Some benefits:


-helps to treat arthrits

-anti clot (prevents obstruction of arteries)

-potent anti oxidation action

-reduces LDL (bad cholesterol)

-protector of liver

-anti tumor (inhibits the grow of tumors)

-protects against renal diseases

-depurative (promotes detox and removal of body wastes)

-neutralizes free radicals

-anti inflammatory

-relieves tissues pain and inflammation

-antiviral, anti microbes e anti parasites

-acts mainly on the systems: digestive, circulatory e respiratory

-blood tonic and purifying

-when used as topic application Turmeric is very good treatment for skin problems, such as: eczema, psoríase, acne, fungus

-prevents prostate cancer

-purifies the subtle channels (Chakras)

-it is a good source of minerals and purifying ingredient of facial masks

Contra Indications: pregnancy, hepatitis, calculus, excess of Pitta (fire)