Rose water and cardamom Shirikhand


• 4 cups thick yoghurt
• 3/4 cup organic demerara sugar, honey or agave
• 2 tsp ground cardamom
• a few saffron strands
• 1 tbsp warm milk
• almond slivers
• pistachio slivers
• cashew slivers
• 2 tbsp rose water


This is a tradicional dessert from India, which is very nutritious and light.

Here you learn how to make greek yoghurt too. Hang the yoghurt in a muslin cloth and reserve in a cool place (I put inside the fridge) for 3 hours or until all the liquid (whey) has drained off. The consistency depends on your taste, if you prefer more or less firm you can let it drain more time. You can use the whey as face mask or to make breads, cakes and cookies. It is pure protein. 

Use a pestle to dissolve sugar with rose water until it is liquid without grains. It is a very meditative moment you can enjoy. Rub the saffron into warm milk until it dissolves. In a bowl mix well the rose water mixture with the saffron milk and cardamom. Add the creamy yoghurt, mix all and you can use a blender to get a smooth paste.  Serve garnished with nuts and honey.