Biomass of Unripe Bananas

Unripe Bananas

Green banana contains great quantity of total phenols and flavonoids and offers high starch content specially in the form of resistant starch. Resistant starch reaches the large bowel and is fermented by bacterial microflora, which promote many beneficial effects on health. Biomass is a thickening and tasteless cream and the neutral flavor helps the addition to many preparations.  The cooking process of unripe bananas leads to tannins inactivation and thus loss of astringency of the fruit. It causes satiety and results in better control of blood sugar.

As a gluten-free food it helps people suffering from Celiac Disease or any of the gluten related disorders. So, there are many benefits of unripe banana derived products: banana flour, biomass and banana starch.
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Biomass Recipe

  1. Use any kind of banana, but unripe and look for those that have not gone through the process that forces the quick maturing (acclimatization). Use organic bananas whenever possible.
  2. Cut the bananas one by one and maintain the stalks.
  3. Wash one by one with water and mild soap and rinse them well.
  4. Put water to half in a pressure cooker and boil.
  5. While boiling put the bananas with peels in the water. This process of heating shock with boiling water is very important.
  6. Check that you have enough water to cover the bananas (if you need more water, fill with boiling water). Lock the lid and leave on high heat until it begins the pressure. Lower the heat and simmer for 10 minutes. Turn the heat off and let the pressure finish naturally. Do not open the pot until the pressure stops.
  7. Peel the bananas while still hot. In a food processor or blender mash the bananas with a little boiling water (just to help the process of obtaining the mass). You can also get biomass pounding the skins of boiled green bananas.

Refrigerate in glass pots for up to 3 days. It can be frozen in portions to be used in various recipes and they last up to 4 months in the freezer. To use frozen Biomass it takes to reprocess. Just thaw naturally and if you need more creaminess add 1 or 2 tbsp of water and cook, stirring constantly until fluffy again. Use stainless pot not to darken the mass during the preparations.
The peels are high in fiber and protein and can also be used in many preparations. Freeze it chopped or mashed and use in muffins, salads, rice, sauteed with vegetables and manioc flour.

Biomass can replace condensed milk, heavy cream and mayonnaise in preparation of some dishes.

100 % natural preparation