Popcorn: delicious snack that helps in weight loss

You could ask “hey, what you mean?” Can I eat popcorn and still loose weight? Well, yes, but first you need to FORGET the “movie theater big bucket full of buttery popcorn”, of course. There is no miracle.

It is natural the craving for crunchy food sometimes and popcorn can be a very light snack if cooked and seasoned properly. You can add some diuretic spices such as ground coriander and cumin and even add a pinch of chili (thermogenic) and dried herbs. You can create your personal seasoning and keep it ready to use with just a pinch of sea or Himalayan salt. You can add some drops of Ghee (clarified butter) or olive oil, or even better, you can use a paper bag and make “Homemade Light popcorn” without any fat in your microwave.(my recipe HERE)

Some “qualities” of corn are: dry, light, hot and astringent taste and it has potassium (as a natural diuretic). If you include corn (especially popcorn) in your diet, it will help to reduce water retention and blood pressure. It absorbs the excess of fluids in the stomach and body and is good to balance the wetness of the Dosha Kapha (Water and Earth).

It is a very nutritive whole grain and an excellent source of fibers, proteins, healthy carbohydrate, minerals and vitamins. One more quality is that corn is Gluten-free and well indicated for wheat intolerance and celiac disease and can be used in many recipes.

But, as everything in life, it is very important the balance. So, avoid eating too much popcorn or corn, mostly if you have a Vata (Air and Ether) predominant biotype, which tends to be dry and light, as corn can cause constipation and dryness, increasing all negative issues of Vata imbalance. Also if you have predominance of Pitta (Fire and Water), you should avoid corn as it increases acidity and heat.

Remember to avoid any GMOs genetically modified food. Try to consume organic corn and food in general.

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