Being young and beautiful has been a growing goal in most cultures and some people are able to use as much as invasive methods as harmful to health at any cost, when they could only incorporate new healthier habits and enhance their daily lifestyle. Simple changes are visible in the whole body (internally and externally) and in physical, mental and emotional health.

Using expensive creams for skin or hair will not bring good effects, if diet and lifestyle are unruly. Health, vigor, youthfulness and beauty begin internally and reflect outside.

The strength of immune system is the base of health according to Ayurveda.

When immunity is weaker than what causes diseases (parasites, bacteria, vírus, etc), some Tridosha (the 3 Doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha), imbalance can happen and cause illness. To get good health Ayurveda suggests some formulas to increase immunity or “Ojas”.

A branch of Ayurveda known as “Rasayana” or Rejuvenating therapy, studies the importance of maintenance of health. The conquest of increasing longevity due to advances in modern medicine influences the search for a healthier life. After all, there is no advantage in living longer, if you are sick and suffer physical and mental failure.

Rasayana means increasing Rasa (vital fluid produced by the process of digestion of food – Flavor). Did you know that the way food is prepared and the combination of flavors directly affect our health?

There are many Rasayana, which increase longevity, physical and mental vigor.

Kaviraj teaches you simple Ayurtips about tonics, which act as rasayanas and have different functions:

  • 1.Rasayana to reduce body weight

100 grs of peeled and minced apple
100 grs of grated carrots

This mix must be taken as soon as you wake up, before breakfast. Don’t eat anything for 1 hour.
This recipe is indicated to reduce weight, especially to women.

  • 2.Nutritive Tonic

2 walnuts
4 almonds
7 white raisins
Soak fruits in 100 ml of water overnight

Drink the water in the morning. Add the fruits to 250 ml of hot milk (if you don’t use cow’s milk, use any vegetal milk such as rice, soy almond) and 1 tsp of honey or agave. Mix all, wait until warm, drink the milk and eat the fruits.
This tonic is especially indicated to stressed, underweight or people who have weak muscles. It nourishes not only body, but mind also.

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