Food and diet choices

The new fashion is to abolish or drastically reduce certain food from regular diet. People have never adopted so many diets such as “gluten free”, “lactose-free”, “low carb”, “high protein” and many others.
On one hand this is a great sign that people are valuing more the quality of their diet and are seeking healthier options. However, it has also generated mistakes due to lack of proper guidance.

The best meal has a balanced amount of all groups of food and should be colorful. It just needs to respect your body type and health condition.

It is important to understand the reason to abolish or adopt some food in your life. Many people associate “diet” to weight-loss regimes, which last for a period. But, the word refers to an adequate eating program for health and lifestyle.
There are numerous reasons to be on a diet as: ethics, religion, medical condition, loss or gain of weight, to increase muscle mass and other reasons such as allergy or food intolerance.

The theme needs some clarification, since allergy is different from intolerance, which happens because of an enzyme deficiency and it causes a lack of proper digestion.

Different from intolerance, food allergy involves an immune system response,  a protein causes an allergic reaction and symptoms appear as soon as eating even small amounts of the culprit food, as peanuts, for instance.

Some symptoms of allergy and food intolerance


Symptoms usually occur on the skin such as urticaria, itching and swelling. There are gastrointestinal symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea, which can monitor respiratory and other symptoms.

The main foods that cause allergy are: eggs, fish and shellfish, milk, nuts, wheat and peanuts.


The common symptoms are: intestinal gas, bloating, abdominal pain or diarrhea.

The main foods that cause intolerance are all containing gluten – also not tolerated by sufferers of celiac disease; beans, lactose and processed meat.

If you don´t have any food intolerance or allergy, which is really serious and can even kill, then you don´t need to be radical about food. The best diet is the one that fits for you and improves your health. Make it simpler, natural and tasty.


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