Ritucharya – Seasonal Regimen for winter



Besides daily routine (Dinacharya) it is important to live a balanced life by respecting the environment and each season. When you understand how the weather affects your life and decide to adapt it to your favor, you can enjoy the benefits that seasonal regimen brings.

As the five elements of nature create the 3 constitutions, the Doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha, it is advised that you follow a wholesome diet and an specific daily routine, according to each season and your Doshas, to maintain the general balance; it is called Ritucharya.

The seasonal characteristics have strong influences on health. So, there are some changes in your diet and life style, that you can make to strength your immune system to avoid diseases.

The winter season is called Vayu/Vata season. So, this season can increase Vata and its natural coldness, if you don´t respect some necessary habits. The digestive fire (Agni) gets higher, which makes heavier food easier to be digested. A person in good health will take advantage of it. But, winter season also can increase congestion ands mucus in Kapha constitutions. That’s why it is important to find your predominant Dosha and live accordingly to maintain it balanced.

Some tips to enjoy a healthy winter season:

  • Lifestyle:

-Wear soft and warm clothes

-Avoid wind

-Keep your house cozy and warm

-Expose to sunlight

-If you have it available, enjoy some time in front of a fireplace

-Steam sauna

-Warm oil massage

  •  Diet:

 -Favor the sweet (raw honey), sour and salty flavors

-Take warm water with some drops of lemon juice and some raw honey to detox and break fast. (it should be a daily habit, but during winter it is especially beneficial)

-If you don´t have Kapha increased or lactose and gluten intolerance, you can take rice and warm milk.

-Soak some almonds in warm milk and add some honey, ginger, cinnamon and cardamom. It is simply delicious! For a vegan option, use vegetal “milk” and syrup of agave or date instead of honey. Masala Chai Latte is also a delicious and nutritious beverage.

-Avoid ice-cold beverages (including water) and desserts

-One of the biggest mistakes during winter is to eat salads and raw foods. This is the season to warm up the body with cooked and hot food.

-Cook by baking or steaming food

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