Self-esteem and Selfies

There has never seen such a cult to the look and excessive vanity on this planet!

Naturally it is very healthy to have positive self-esteem in high, of course, to enjoy a happy and productive life. However, the extreme need for exposure and especially pleasing others and receiving “likes” and followers has created anxiety and serious psychological problems in millions of people.

In times of so many “selfies”, the vanity and superficiality are in high – this fad “Selfie” is the junction of the noun self (in English “myself”) and the suffix ie – is a form of self-portrait, a self-photo shooting followed by a “must” publish immediately on social networks, to receive “positive” assessment, of course, to feel happy.

But, it is impossible to please everyone and there should be no need for this growing acceptance. And to illustrate the theme, follows a funny and very true text, for a deep reflection and then, you may become happier, REGARDLESS of others’ opinions.


“An old man decided to sell his donkey at the city market. As he would return by walking, he called his grandson to accompany him. They rode both the animal and drove on. 

Going through a scout’s camp, they heard critical comments; “How can two people on top of this poor animal!” 

So, they decided that the boy should go down, and the old man would remain mounted. Continued… 

There was a pond more forward and some ladies were washing clothes. When the women saw them, they began to complain; “What nonsense! The poor child being explored, while he could ride the animal.” 

Embarrassed by the comments, they swapped positions, ie, the boy rode on the donkey and the old man came down. 

After a few yards, there were some young people sitting on the sidewalk. So, they expressed their amazement at what they had witnessed; “What a lazy boy! While this old gentleman walks, he gets all pleasure upon the animal. Shame on you!” 

Felling very embarrassed, the boy came down and this time the old man had not risen. Both decided to walk, pulling the donkey. 

So, they believed to have found the most correct formula when they passed in front of a bar. Some men who were there began to laugh, making mockery of the scene; “They are really idiots! They are on foot while pulling such a young and strong animal!” 

Grandfather and grandson looked at each other, as if trying to find the right way to behave. 

So, they both took the donkey and carried it on their back!!!” 

Besides fun, this fable shows that we can not devote attention to the irrational criticism, because they always happen, regardless of the way we behave. And that we can’t depend so much on other people’s judgment to act, live and be happy.

How about devoting less time to take “selfies”, waiting for praise and approval and dedicate more time to develop other values, ​​by avoiding being slaves of the exposition to receive “likes”? How about photographing nature, architecture, LIFE… or better yet, how about watching everything by YOUR eyes, not just through the lens of a smartphone or camera? How about believing more in you, regardless of one, two or 1000 “likes”?

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