Have a silky and glowing skin




Everyday when we wake up and before we go to bed, it is essential the face cleaning and hydration. Do it naturally with our Ayurtips:



Natural Tridosha scrub Mask

• ½ tsp of colloidal oatmeal (or finely ground oats) or chickpeas flour (natural scrub and skin hydrating)
• a pinch of Turmeric (antiseptic)
• 1 tsp of honey (soften and hydrates)
• ½ tsp of dry basil (powder) (purifying)
• ½ tsp of dry orange peel (powder) (aromatic and helps the benefits of herbs in cells and tissues)
• ¼ tsp sandalwood or rose powder (optional) (nutritious, cooling and rejuvenating of skin)

 Base to make creamy paste:

Choose the base according to each kind of skin and use only enough to make a creamy paste when you add to the ingredients above.

  • Vata Skin (dry and dull) – use milk or double cream
  • Pitta Skin (oily, tending to pimples) – use cucumber juice or rose water
  • Kapha Skin (humid to normal ) – use mineral water

Mix all ingredients in a small bowl with the creamy base to make a paste. Apply to wet and clean skin on face and neck. Lay down, relax and wait 20 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with warm to cold water, in soft movements, which will softly scrub the skin, cleansing deeply your pores. To use this mask for cleansing the body, quadruple it and add enough base for a thicker paste.

This mask cleans deeply the skin and doesn’t dry it. This mask nourishes, purifies, protects against environment toxins, removes dead cells and has herbs, which balance 3 Doshas.

Your skin will be nourished, silky and healthy.