Sleep well and be healthy! Good sleep is essential

The number of people waking up exhausted has grown every day. Surveys report that at least 50% of the population, including children, has sleep disorder, including insomnia, snoring and sleep apnea (airway obstruction with repeated stops).

The stress of modern life, charging at work, school and goals to meet, and the range of “distractions” with many gadgets and games until dawn or never off, have led people to postpone bedtime. The bad habits of watching TV in the bedroom and keep mobile and computers on also stimulate the brain, which can not relax and follow the natural process of sleep stages, which leads to insomnia.

This mode hectic life creates a vicious circle of stress x fatigue and daytime sleep x insomnia.

Who lives in super-crowded cities suffer the effects of progress. Sleep deprivation causes many problems to health and it is very important to respect the body’s need to take a break to restore energy and rebuild for a new day.

  • Some sleep disorders and their causes:

Sleep apnea can cause hypertension, diabetes, and heart failure/ arrhythmia and stroke. Some of the reasons for the disorder: when the throat muscles and tongue relax too much or if the tonsils and adenoids are large or when the patient is overweight because fat tissue in the throat prevents normal breathing. Snoring is one of the related symptoms.

Sleep deprivation is one of the main reasons for accidents on the roads. Especially for the truckers, they need to deliver goods as fast as possible, and it forces them to stay awake by abusing drugs. This creates a vicious circle and serious health problems. Not getting enough sleep also causes irritability, lack of concentration, morning headaches, drastic drop in immunity and slows metabolism, causing weight gain.

In general, those who sleep less than six hours a day live less than the ones sleeping between seven and eight hours. But you need to respect the individuality and not make it a rule as there are people who feel well-being after five hours of sleep, especially the elderly. Therefore, it is necessary to observe your nature and how much sleep your body needs to be well. Just a caveat for people who need to sleep nine or ten hours a day, as it can hide numerous problems such as depression. The ideal is to make an appointment with a specialist to find the reasons for the imbalance.

  • Nature is rich in solutions

Unfortunately most people prefer the shorter and dangerous way to solve sleep problems. And, unless in really necessary cases, it has never been such demand for drugs prescription to sleep. And the cycle results in addiction. People have certain “laziness” of seeking a natural, simple and healthy way, which can take a while to take effect. They don’t want to cure the ROOT of the problem.

But, the healthy habits are the reason that helps to have a good sleep and overall health.


1-Dinner should be lighter and not later than 2 hours before bedtime to aid in your digestion (just make a light supper with herbal tea or 1 cup of warm milk with honey or a piece of fruit or biscuit before bedtime if you still feel hungry).

2-Avoid drinking caffeine (coffee, soda, green or black tea), chocolate, alcohol and smoking 4 hours before sleeping.

3-Adopt a bedtime routine and go to sleep and wake up daily at the same time and avoid lying down after midnight (ideally before 10pm to avoid the natural excitement that happens in mind this time – Pitta time).

4-Don’t watch TV or use mobile, tablets or computer in bed. Bedroom was made to sleep or cuddle with your partner. Turn off everything! Maximum listen to soft music that will make you relax.

5-Exercise during the day or maximum at 5 pm. Exercises are great to balance sleep, but physical exertion at night releases endorphins, which generates euphoria and keep the restless mind.

6-Avoid discussions, concerns or address issues just before sleep; also don’t read or watch anything about heavy themes that disturb your mind. It will only keep your restless mind.

7-Keep the room dark (fear of what?) or use eye mask; keep the room fresh and clean, without excessive noise (as far as possible in times of general noise) and, if you want, place an aroma diffuser on the side table with some drops of roses or lavender essential oil and prepare yourself for a wonderful sleep time.

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