Spring: 12 health tips! It is time to Flowrish

Our health fluctuates with the seasons and weather effects. When a Rutu (season) merges into the next, the lifestyle should also change gradually. Spring has arrived and we are in transition after the winter.

“Vasanta Rutu-” covers two months according to the Hindu calendar, which are called “Chaitra” and “Vaishaka”, but this must be checked according to each country. This station can be compared to the spring.

During Vasanta, the Kapha accumulated in the body liquefies and decreases the digestive power. As “Kapha-Dosha” increases at this time of year, our body begins to “melt” the accumulations to receive the sun’s rays, which can lead to many diseases. “Jatharagni” (Digestive Fire) decreases, which in turn leads to a greater imbalance of Kapha, creating a vicious circle. So, to prevent this process and fluid retention and toxins, therapies like Ayurveda Panchakarma, are indicated even for healthy people, to prevent and fight the effects of the spring season in our body.


1-Among the detox therapies of Panchakarma the Vamana and Nasya are best suited for balancing Kapha.

2-Exfoliation by dry massage powder (Udwartana) and the use of herbs is the best way to absorb liquid, to prevent water retention and promote weight loss.

3-Sleeping during the day is not healthy. Avoid this bad habit.

4-Use essential oils that warm up massages and as aromatherapy, to bring more energy, such as cloves, moss, myrrh and rosemary.

5-Wear and be surrounded by hot colors like red, orange and yellow, that warm and balance Kapha, which is a cold Dosha.

6-Use comfortable and warm clothes and also keep your house warm. Humidity should be avoided.

7-Drink warm or hot water with honey and ginger tea to stimulate the digestive power.

8-Exercises are highly recommended to avoid the natural tendency to lethargy.

9-Light, boiled and dried foods (absorbing water from the body) should be the most important part of the diet of Kapha. Use corn, chickpeas, celery, broccoli, garlic, leeks, peas, adzuki beans, tofu (soy bean curd), sunflower seeds, honey, apple juice, dried ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, green tea.

10-Take light and small meals during the day in quantity just enough to feel satisfied.

11-Avoid excess of sweet, salty and sour or acids flavors and food.

12-Be surrounded by positive and happy people and avoid watching programs with heavy subjects or reading about violence and bad news in excess to prevent depression.

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