The healing power of Mantras

The word Mantra comes from Sanskrit (Sacred Language of Ancient India). It represents the omnipresent energy in the universe, everything and all living beings.

MAN — MANAS (mind) = Thinking

TRA — TRANA = Control

They are sound codes received by ancient Hindus through intuition. By chanting them we can harmonize with the vibrations that surround the Universe.

Its origin is not well defined. The Hindus believe that the mantras have arisen from the revelation of one of India’s leading sacred books – the RIG VEDA. One of the 4 Sacred Scriptures (VEDAS), which form the basis of all Hindu philosophies and religions.

There is not a single correspondent to the word MANTRA in any modern language. The translation by “Sounds or Sacred Syllables” has only become a way to adapt it to the West.”

Mantras have many purposes:

  • Raise the level of consciousness.
  • Develop spirituality.
  • Awakening psychic powers.
  • Invoke protection.
  • Calm the mind.
  • Easy concentration


In Hindu thought, this powerful BIJ Mantra is the origin of everything and of all beings.

OM is also a way of placing the individual in tune with the Cosmos. If it is pronounced in a short and repeated way, it contributes to stop the flow of thoughts. If it is pronounced in a long and uninterrupted way, it will trigger the awakening of psychic powers.

OM is also a PRANAVA – word loaded with Prana (Vital Energy). A, U, M, since the “O” sound results from the merging of the A and U sounds, is now pronounced OM.

Gayatri Mantra

The Gayatri is an universal prayer, which should be chanted with great devotion. Its repetition raises the spirit, calms the mind and emanates energy of light and peace, for those who chant it and for the whole planet. Chant it as written below:

Listen to the Gayatri Mantra here

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