Why and how you should Detox

The planet has never been so “attacked” by chemicals, hormones and pesticides. Plantations, animals, oceans, rivers and the air have received a massive load of pollutants, heavy metals and stimulants, which increase the levels of toxins in our body.
We clean our houses/office and keep them organized. So, why shouldn´t our bodies be cleaned?

So, there is no point in taking vitamins, “miracle” capsules, creams or shampoos and even to eat “well” and organic food, if your body is intoxicated and there is a barrier that prevents its absorption. It needs to be clean inside out to receive the goodness from the environment.

First of all it is important to understand this term “Detox”, especially when it becomes another “fad”. There are many “diets” and “miracles” and people usually look for something, fast and “effortless”, which can be dangerous if not done properly. The best way to get a deep detox is under professional supervision, but you can do some actions to help.

In medicine, detoxing is a treatment designed to rid the body of poisonous substances, especially alcohol and drugs and there are clinics and institutes to get it. Ayurveda also offers the Panchakarma Treatment as deep cleansing. It is a natural and effective treatment to restore general health.

In daily life it is a period when some harmful habits and foods are excluded from the diet, to promote cleanliness and better absorption of nutrients, to enhance immune system and improve your health; it can be done in a simpler way to avoid also the aging process and to increase energy.

There is an aspect to consider and it is the intestinal system. It is one of the most important parts of digestive tract and acts as filter for elimination of toxins and waste. When the intestines are dirty, all organs become intoxicated and this is the first system that needs to be cleaned. In Ayurveda this waste that sticks in the intestines and all body is called “Ama”. The Detox process is so important that even affects the mind and emotional well being.

If you want to start any “detox” therapy, you need to prepare your mind and body first:

  • Clean your intestines: drink warm water to break fast and keep drinking it during the day with some drops of lemon juice. It hydrates and helps the digested food and wastes to move. It is important as hydrotherapy.
  • Take 30 gr of fiber daily and eat light food: it helps the digestion, the bowels movements and extracts mucus and toxins from the intestinal walls.
  • Massage on your belly with warm herbal or sesame oil in clockwise movements.

After a week preparing and cleaning your intestines, then you can start a proper Detox treatment, together with a diet that you can follow. Some habits you should follow for a lifetime and not only during the detox process:

-Don’t smoke or drink alcohol.

-Eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, Detox soup and drink herbal Detox tea during a week. Cook at home and avoid any processed or junk food.

-You should abolish any soda and sweetened fruit juices, fried and refined foods such as white rice, salt and sugar and canned products.

-Eat less meat, fish and poultry and avoid any diary, eggs and wheat. After the detox period it is important to avoid excess of these foods in daily basis.

-Some food you can eat to detox: leafy greens and veggies, seaweeds, green tea and green juice, cilantro, artichoke and other bitter flavors (it purifies the liver), green apples, lemon, purple fruits and vegetables, citric fruits and ginger.


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