Why it is important to stretch your body?

Flexibility is important and makes your life easier. It seems so natural to walk and move that nobody thinks before doing that, unless it feels some pain or difficulty to reach something on the ground or to get an object from the top of a shelf.

Children are naturally very flexible and do amazing stunts with ease, but it changes especially if they become sedentary individuals. It has increased in times of videogames, computers (from sitting at a desk all day) and so many facilities like universal controls for TV, windows and smart houses.

So, staying flexible as you age is one of the most important benefits for a good life and it helps you move better.

Posture and the way you sit, sleep and move also interfere in your body flexibility. And it is very important the way you somatize emotions and stress, as it usually causes stiffness in neck and back. That’s why you should adopt the habit of stretching.

  • Some benefits of regular stretching

- keeps your hips and hamstrings flexible later in life

- pain relief (especially neck and back pain)

- it improves flexibility – it is easier to move and do everything in your every day activities

- improves posture – as it becomes easier to sit and walk correctly

- improves the health and lubrication of joints and muscles (very important for Vata Dosha Types)

- Stretching and warming up should be part of our workout to protect our joints and muscles, not only before, but after workout (walking, running, weight training, etc).

- Yoga can help you to achieve flexibility and balance, but if yoga isn’t your thing, you can stretch in other ways.

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