Why you should Soak Nuts, Grains and Seeds before Eating them!

Nature is very wise and offers some defense mechanisms to help the growth of food, which can protect them from predators and climate influences, to be able to reach the mature state and germinate.

This mechanism has some toxic substances and nutritional inhibitors, such as enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid (Phytates), which can be easily removed by soaking the nuts, grains and seeds (organic, raw and unpasteurized). It is the best way to get maximum benefits and make them easier to digest.

Soaking this will help your body to absorb better their vitamins and nutrients, as excellent sources of protein and the essential fatty acids. This fat is completely natural and healthy.

It is easy and you need just to use a glass bowl; use 2 cups of purified water per 1/2 cup of nuts, grains or seeds. Soak them at least for 4 hours or it is better overnight, then, drain, rinse well and use it or store in the refrigerator in glass jars for up to 5 days. You will see they will even germinate. Sprouted food is excellent live nourishment. The soak water should always be discarded.

The most easily digested form of nut is the “nut milk” (Almond milk, for example). This vegetal drink can be used pure or in many preparations and it is a very good source of nutrients, especially for people with Dairy / Lactose intolerance or vegan as milk substitute. If not heated, this “milk” is also perfect as ”raw milk” used by raw foodism. It can be flavored by vanilla extract, agave syrup, honey, dried or fresh fruit juice and even be curded to get yogurt.

So, to get the best from food, adopt the habit of soaking nuts (almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, etc), grains and seeds before eating them.

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