The best healthy diet and life style during winter




Check some winter tips to balance your diet and life style 





  • FOOD

-raw and cold/iced food specially during evenings.
-canned, frozen, ultra processed and dehydrated food.
-left-overs cooked more than one day ago and food with preservatives are too heavy for digestion, block circulation channels and weaken immune system.
-use six flavors in your meals, but use less of: adstringent, bitter and spicy.


-more flavors like: sweet, sour and salty.
–warm and cooked fresh food with Extra Virgin olive oil or Ghee (clarified butter) – specially for Vata Dosha types – Ether/Air.
-fresh, light and whole food are excellent to strengthen immunity.
-Ghee (oil of clarified butter) is special to improve digestive power, it has no milky and fights against free radicals, among many indications.

The way we live also affects our immune system.


-staying awake till late
-any devices such as TV, computer, mobile, video-games and tablets when you go to bed . They certainly will upset your sleep.
-working during evenings. (if it is inevitable, take rest sometimes)
-having meals in irregular time. Try to make a schedule
-exposing your body and mind to too much stress and fatigue.
-sleeping during the day affects digestion and body energy, making you slower and lazy.
-DON’T eat while you are standing, walking or driving.


-have yoga and stretching classes and activities which make you feel shelter.
-go to sleep earlier than 11 pm.
-choose activities which nourish mind and body.

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